Congress Reaches Agreement To Fund Federal Government Until October

Finally, the US Congress managed to reach a deal which permits Government funding until October, thus averting a shutdown. What we’re dealing with here is a trillion dollar plus bill which would be necessary to keep the Behemoth also known as the US Feral Gummint alive and well for the final 5 months of the fiscal year.

There was a frantic activity all through the weekend, with US Congress negotiators trying to take care of the last minute issues in the bill that will keep funding the government until October.

The matter seems to be very serious, so serious actually that President Trump backed up on one of his core campaign promises, i.e. he postponed funding the construction of his big beautiful border wall with Mexico just to reach an agreement with the DEMs in Congress and keep the Federal Government online so to speak.

So, Trump will let the wall go for now, but the funding bill still includes some difficult points, like funding Puerto Rico, benefits for the coal industry and an extra thirty billion dollars for defense. All these matters produced delays and caused the negotiators to miss their Friday deadline.

The US Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law a one week extension for keeping the government functioning on Friday, after the failure of Congressional negotiators to reach a deal/pass the bill last week.

The final deal includes a permanent solution for fixing the coal mining industry (mostly miners benefits) and an additional 12 billion dollars for defense which is significantly less than the 30 billion Trump was asking for, plus Sanctuary Cities, Planned Parenthood get money…

DEM leader Chuck Schumer was very happy with the deal as he boasted on Sunday night:

“The bill ensures taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund an ineffective border wall, excludes poison pill riders and increases investments in programs that the middle-class relies on, like medical research, education and infrastructure.

“Early on in this debate, Democrats clearly laid out our principles,” he said. “At the end of the day, this is an agreement that reflects those principles.”

The left insisted there’s no need for a border wall and Donald Trump backed down from two of his key demands, i.e. the funding of the border wall and the Obamacare issue, i.e.  withholding subsidies to help lower-income people when it comes to buying health insurance. Border security gets half of what it was requested by the White House, 1.5 bn dollars instead of 3 bn, while Puerto Rico’s Medicaid  program will receive 295 million dollars.

The Congress has until Friday night to pass the bill and to prevent a government shutdown, but most likely the bill will pass with no significant problems, now that it has Democratic support.


Photo Pool / Getty Images