Congressional Term Limits: Will They Happen?

Yesterday, a bill proposing congressional term limits was introduced to congress…but does it have a chance of passing?

On Jan. 3rd, Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ron DeSantis introduced a bill that would impose term limits on members of congress. There is much support for this. It’s part of a movement to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

Imposing congressional term limits isn’t a new idea. It’s been tried before, but unsuccessfully. But now, the desire of the American public to clean up D.C. might just give the bill the support it needs.

Earlier in December, Ted Cruz and and Ron DeSantis penned an Op-ed in the Washington Post that outlined their intention to introduce a bill that would impose term limits on Congressmen. In their piece, they outlined their reasons for supporting term limits.

“The American people have lost confidence in Washington. Enmeshed in backroom deals and broken promises, our capital has become a political playground for the powerful and well-connected, for members of the permanent political class looking to accumulate more and more power at the expense of taxpayers.”

The American people have lost faith in their current government. Many believe this distrust is one of the main reason that Donald Trump was elected president. Throughout his campaign, the President-elect promised to clean up the government. He also supports the idea of term limits.

There are those in Congress that agree. Later in their piece, Cruz and DeSantis expressed their belief that term limits are an essential component of stopping corruption in the government.

“It is well past time to put an end to the cronyism that has transformed Washington into a graveyard of good intentions.”

Term Limits On Congress: How Will It Work?

Currently, there are no term limits on members of Congress. Senators can serve an unlimited number of 6-year terms. Representatives can serve as many 2-year terms as they want, as long as they are re-elected. This is something that Cruz and DeSantis addressed in their op-ed.

“With term limits, we will have more frequent changes in leadership and within congressional committees, giving reformers a better chance at overcoming the Beltway inertia that resists attempts to reduce the power of Washington.”

Will It Happen?

In the past, efforts to impose term limits on Congress haven’t gained much traction. It was attempted multiple times in the 90’s to no avail.

However, this is a different time. Not only does the President-elect support term limits, most of the American public supports it as well.

According to a Rasmussen poll taken last October, 74% of voters supported the idea of implementing term limits. Only 13% opposed it.

The current government was elected because Americans have grown weary of government corruption. It’s believed that the U.S. government is filled with career politicians who are only concerned with advancing their political careers rather than serving the taxpayers. It appears that Americans see term limits as a way of remedying this problem.