Conservative Activists Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone Detained in UK Over Political Beliefs

Conservative Activists Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone Detained in UK Over Political Beliefs

US conservative activist Brittany Pettibone is currently being detained together with her boyfriend Martin Sellner in in London’s Colnbrook Bypass Prison. Their crime? Well, this is where the whole story gets Orwellian: Brittany and Austrian activist Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire are being imprisoned in London for planning an interview with internet celebrity Tommy Robinson, a well known activist and “founding father” of UK’s EDL (English Defense League).

The American conservative/author Brittany and the Austrian activist are now being imprisoned by airport police in a detention center in London for 3 days, and what’s very curious is that neither the US embassy nor the State Department tried to contact Pettibone’s family over this very strange situation.


British officials claim that Sellner’s speech would provoke tension among local communities and possibly incite hatred. Basically, these guys were being detained and imprisoned for their political beliefs, just like in North Korea, China and other shithole 3rd world countries. The irony is that Sellner’s speech was about…free speech, and he was going to deliver some truth bombs at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday.

Here’s from a  statement from the British GI chapter:

“Yesterday, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were detained by the UK Government and effectively declared political dissidents. The government has decided that Martin’s talk about free speech is too dangerous to be heard. Don’t worry, some of our activists will be reading his speech at Speakers’ Corner at noon tomorrow in his stead. We can’t allow either the far left or the government to silence us,”


Always remember folks: the 2nd amendment is the only thing standing between the citizens and a tyrannical government. The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st. We need to be vigilant.

“The second amendment is not about hunting deer, it’s about hunting tyrants”. – Judge Andrew Napolitano