COVFEFE: What You Need to Know and the Memes You Need to See

The President of the United States of America, known for his late-night tweeting, set the world ablaze with a word that left the nation, and the rest of the planet confused. You see, he was about to say something about the press, then he wrote the word “covfefe”.


Of course the world ran with it and the internet is now abuzz with “covfefe” memes and even paraphernalia. It hasn’t even been a full day since this tweet was posted but we already have some hilarious memes and tweets to show you.

Yes it may be confusing, because honestly, who knows what it really means? Word on the street is that the President meant to type “coverage”, but we’re all choosing to ignore that and believe that a brand new word has been created by President Trump.

Here are the tweets, memes and everything “covfefe” you need to see.