Cuckold Country: To Cope with Massive Immigration, Sweden Raises Retirement Age

Sweden failed state

This is not a joke (unfortunately), but real news from oh-so-tolerant and multicultural Sweden, a country that chose to destroy its own cultural heritage and open its borders to a huge wave of migrants from all corners of the world. The end result? Well, pension funds are drained in order to pay for migrant welfare, while the retirement age for the country’s pension founds will have to be raised to 69.

Basically, Sweden is now in a default of sorts, as the country can’t properly fund the pension funds for native retirees because it spends too much money for the welfare of migrants. Even the hard-left Swedish media, which otherwise refuses to acknowledge any issue immigrant-related is now admitting that the rise in retirement age to 69 would end up in a major deterioration of Swedes’ quality of life. Here’s from courtesy of Google Translate:

Sweden’s need for welfare increases faster than our revenues. Then the Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, raises the height of retirement age. “Looking at those who start working at 30, there should be opportunities to work longer than 65,” says Magdalena Andersson to Dina Pengar. She believes that there must be an attitude change in the elderly in the labor market.

“Those who are high up in the ages will have the opportunity to work longer,” says the finance minister.

And here’s another and more blunt article via (also Google Translated):

The minimum age for obtaining general pension will be increased gradually from 61 years, as it is today, to 64 years in 2026. You should, therefore, be able to retire at the age of 64 at the earliest. In addition, employees must be entitled to work for 69 years.

As we live longer, we also have to work longer if pensions can continue to grow. This agreement is an important step towards longer working life and thus higher pensions and more resources for welfare, “

That’s how Sweden looks like today: its citizens are now forced to work until 69 to pay for immigrant welfare while their country’s rape rates is 2nd only to South Africa, due to the cultural enrichment brought by multiculturalism.

The welfare state can have financial security for seniors or it can have a large and unproductive migrant population, but it can’t have both. Sweden’s degenerate socialist government has chosen.