Data from NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery Proves Barack Obama Administration Spied on Trump

Dennis Montgomery is a former NSA/deep state employee turned whistleblower who left the agency taking with him a massive amount of data (47 hard drives) which proves that former president Barack Obama’s administration spied on basically everyone, including Donald Trump.

Dennis Montgomery turned all of his records to the Freedom Watch group very recently in an attempt to play it by the book, i.e. to use the legal whistleblower process, unlike Edward Snowden and others who dumped the incriminating data on the internet, thus potentially compromising national security and things of that nature.

The Freedom Watch group notified the US Congress about Dennis Montgomery’s huge amount of hundreds of millions of documents, which show how the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and all the alphabet soup agencies were conducting surveillance/spying operations on US citizens for political purposes during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.

Mr. Montgomery left the CIA and the NSA with six hundred million pages of intel on 47 hard drives which are said to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the illegal “wiretapping” (pun intended) on prominent US citizens during Barack Obama’s regime, with an emphasis on Donald Trump of course.

Freedom Watch group founder and intelligence expert Larry Klayman was invited on Fox Business network earlier on Thursday to discuss about the explosive information contained in the 600 million pages of secret intel. Larry Clayman was very blunt, saying that Obama and some of his top officials should be in jail for what they’ve done and that Comey lied to the House Intelligence Committee while under oath, i.e. he should be in jail too.

According to the NSA/CIA leaked documents, prominent citizens/businessmen like Donald Trump were illegally wiretapped without probable cause and that’s a crime by any metrics. All the people involved in the illegal wiretapping must go go jail.

Larry Klayman: Comey was not truthful with that committee. He was not truthful while under oath… These intelligence agencies during the Obama administration in particular, were surveilling all Americans and very prominent Americans like President Trump who is a businessman like me, like others, without probable cause. And that is a crime. And these people need to frankly go to jail for what they’ve done.

With  Barack Obama in Tahiti (no extradition with the US) and David Brock suffering a heart attack, one may wonder if it’s a coincidence, or they were tipped off?

Source The Conservative Treehouse

Photo: The Atlantic