Davos Scientists Buried In Snow While Lecturing On ‘Warming’

Davos Scientists Buried In Snow While Lecturing On 'Warming'

World leaders and globalist luminaries attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are going to get schooled by scientists who adhere to the anthropological global-warming theory about…well, man-made global warming, as they’ll take a “trip” in a mock Arctic base-camp which is aimed at illustrating how the “Gore effect”, also known as global-warming or climate change, or heck, climate crisis, could at some point in our lives affect the Arctic.

However, nature and life are not without a sense of irony, as Davos is currently facing some of the biggest snowfalls in its history and frigid temperatures. Just in the last 6 days, the little Swiss town was buried in 6 feet of snow. Mother nature doesn’t play environmentalist games, or so it appears.


Due to the huge amount of snowfall which may cause avalanches, Davos authorities evacuated some neighborhoods and the globalist elites that were going to attend the conference had a tough time finding their way through heavy snow drift. As CNBC reported:

“heavy snow had already blocked the rail line through the Alps from Zurich, and villages along the route were at the highest level of avalanche alert.”

The mock Arctic base camp at Davos was built by “climate scientists” in 2017 to,let me quote, “convey that long-term negative changes in the Arctic pose serious socio-economic risks to the rest of the world,” i.e. to convince world leaders to take drastic actions (as in to destroy their industry/economy and pay money to Al Gore’s cult via tax carbon credits) to fight climate change/global warming or whatever.

Hard to take a “Global Warmist” seriously when they are dressed like Nanook of the North.

The sun and Earth’s orbit control our climate, not man. The Earth is cooling since at least 2015. The polar ice is growing. The serious socio-economic risks are going to be from crop failure as growing seasons shrink. The solar minimum we are in reduces the magnetosphere, which causes extreme weather as more cosmic rays reach the Earth, causing an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity, which is noticeable even now. The carbon taxes and credits are a trillion-dollar scam.

Solar cycle 25 looks like it’s going to be very weak and the cycle 24/25 minimum is going to be ugly. It’s like the Warming Cult doesn’t even notice that temperatures on Mars follow the same patterns as on Earth. Plus that big bright ball in the sky is the difference between the cold of interstellar space and actual surface temperatures on Earth. That difference is over 500 degrees Fahrenheit and over 300 degrees Celsius. Obviously, even a minute variation in such a large factor is much more important than even the claimed greenhouse effect – much less the tiny observed variations.

The solution is ALWAYS to give more money and power to the politicians and bureaucrats. The problems always change but their answer never does.