Day Ahead of French Election, Le Pen Slumps In The Polls

After a good start of the presidential election run-off campaign, Le Pen seems to be losing steam

The French Presidential election campaign is entering its final stage. With less than a day before the polls open across France, Emmanuel Macron continues to solidify his lead in the polls. Four of the most recent polls give him a huge advantage over his opponent, Marine Le Pen.

The newest Ipsos polls gives Macron 63 percent, while Le Pen stands at 37. Just a couple of days earlier, things seemed much more optimistic for Le Pen, who gained momentum in the polls in the first week of campaigning. At one point, Le Pen climbed to 41 percent in the polls – her strongest performance in months.

In the final week of the campaign, however, Le Pen’s support began to wane. Even among her supporters, there are some who question the way the campaign is being handled.

“Clearly, the job was not done properly. Some people ran the first 30 kilometers of the marathon and stopped running … We did not work enough, clearly”, said an unnamed Front National cadre.

Some of Le Pen’s supporters called her performance in the debate with Macron ‘disappointing’. “The debate was fatal for her,” said the operator of a popular pro-Le Pen Twitter account. “Clearly we are disappointed and hoped for better.”

To be sure, the task of winning the Presidential election for Le Pen could not be harder. While most polls correctly predicted that she would reach the run-off, all of them saw her losing to Macron by a wide margin.

Forced to fight an uphill battle, Le Pen tried to appeal to undecided voters when she stepped down as the leader of Front National. She also forged an alliance with one of the defeated candidates, Nicholas Dupont-Aignan, announcing him as her candidate for Prime Minister in case of her victory.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to see the result of the election, but a potential Macron landslide would raise questions about the effectiveness of Le Pen’s campaign.