Day One: Trump Signs First Executive Action At Exact Moment Obama Gives Final Farewell

Executive Actions Ready to Roll


Donald Trump started today his 1st day in office as US 45th President by signing his first executive action at the exact moment Barack Obama was giving his final (never-ending) farewell to the nation. Trump started to sign executive orders immediately after entering the Oval Office, signaling that he means business.

His first action as US President was to sign an executive order aimed at easing the burden of Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, which proved to be anything but affordable.

On Friday evening, Trump anointed Mad Dog Mattis (General James Mattis) as Secretary of Defense and right after that he targeted Obamacare. Both orders came within minutes of Donald’s official entrance to the Oval Office after the Inaugural Parade.

He also started making changes to the Oval Office decor, including bringing back (putting back in their former places actually) the busts of Winston Churchill, the legendary British prime-minister during the World War 2.

The Obamacare-related executive order refers to all US agencies that enforce/implement the Affordable Care Act and it is intended at minimizing or eliminating any costs associated with the respective medical-insurance scheme, granting waivers, exemptions, deferments and delays.

Trump’s order is aimed at providing greater flexibility to States in implementing their own healthcare programs and requires federal agencies to promote the development of a free and open market with regard to interstate commerce, thus erasing the geographic boundaries that established state monopolies for health insurers.

Donald is now preparing his first steps to make good for his campaign promises, i.e. building a wall with Mexico (and Mexico will pay for it!), cracking down on illegal immigration and rolling back Obama’s policies.

US President’s spokesman Sean Spicer already announced on Thursday:

“He is committed to not just Day 1, but Day 2, Day 3 of enacting an agenda of real change, and I think that you’re going to see that in the days and weeks to come,”

Trump will visit CIA’s Langley headquarters on Saturday, an agency he criticized heavily recently.

Source: Reuters

Photo Credit: Dailymail