DEM Adam Schiff Goes on CNN, Says American People are Too Stupid to Understand the FISA Memo


Democrat Adam Schiff showed what he really thinks about the American voter on Sunday, when he appeared on CNN to discuss the hot issue of the explosive FISA memo. In case you’re not familiar with the subject, check out this piece:  ‘SHOCKING’: The Classified House Intel Memo That Is Rocking Washington.

Now, getting back to business, Adam Schiff was asked by the CNN talk show host why he and his fellow DEMs are trying to keep the FISA memo secret from the public’s eyes. Schiff then replied he doesn’t believe the American public will understand its contents, i.e. we’re too stupid to know the truth.

Adam Schiff and the Democrats are currently in panic mode as the Republicans are fighting hard to make the contents of the top-secret FISA memo available to the American public. Schiff is a top DEM in the House Intelligence Committee.

Only a Democrat can keep a straight face while making a case that keeping information away from the American people is good for them.  This must really be bad for the Democrats, when they pull the “you wouldn’t understand” card. I expect someone will be called a racist next if this doesn’t work.

If you ask me, this guy doesn’t want the memo released because he KNOWS that many Americans ARE smart enough to understand it.

Here are a couple of tweets from the co-founder of the conservative “The Federalist”:

SCHIFF: “Well, because the American people unfortunately don’t 
have the underlying materials and therefore they can’t see how distorted
and misleading this document is.”

Says the person who reads from the “Steele dossier” in public like it is the Gospel truth! When Schiff says the document is “distorted and misleading,” you can bet it’s precisely the opposite. Which is the real reason he doesn’t want it released.