DEM Official Caught Saying I’m ‘Glad’ Scalise Got Shot’

phil montag

A Nebraska Democratic Party official was ousted after a highly controversial audio recording surfaced on the internet earlier on Friday. Actually, the respective recording was posted on YouTube, featuring our Democratic hero Phil Montag saying that, let me quote the man himself:

“I’m glad he got shot. I’m not gonna fucking say that publicly. I’m glad he got shot.”

“I wish he was fucking dead,”

Obviously, our guy Montag was referring to Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise getting shot by that lunatic Bernie Sanders fan-boy during a congressional baseball practice. Phil Montag was the Democratic Chairman of the Technology Committee, a DEM party official on short and he’s now looking for a new job as he got fired by DEM Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb following the publication of the respective recording.

Louisiana Rep. Whip Steve Scalise was critically wounded by a 66 year old Illinois Democratic political-activist, James Hodgkinson, who, among other things, was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016. The recording where Phil Montag was heard saying in “public” what many Democrats are probably thinking in private was made available  on the website Montag’s comments took place during a conversation with a man named Destin Madison and the chairwoman of Nebraska’s Democratic Black Caucus Chelsey Gentry-Tipton.


The conversation was recorded by  Destin Madison and Montag claims it was edited and what he said was taken out of context. Nebraska’s Democratic Black Caucus’ Chelsey Gentry-Tipton also posted a highly controversial comment on Facebook regarding Scalise’s shooting:

“Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?”

And she added later:

“The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them.”

We should finally accept a few truths – first that Islam is not the religion of peace, second that liberalism is a mental disorder, third that democrats are a hate group, fourth that BLM is the black KKK, fifth that a diploma from an evergreen college is more or less a participation trophy than a real diploma.