DEM Senate Leader in California Admits Half of His Family in Country Illegally with False Papers


If you were wondering why California is trying to secede and why everything coming from the Golden State is so weird and “progressive”, well, take a load of this folks, everything is rotten head-down.

According to a testimony provided by Senate President Kevin De Leon (Democrat-Los Angeles) in front of the California Senate’s Public Safety Committee, so it’s basically a self-incriminating testimony though he didn’t take the fifth because he’s proud of his declaration, this dude  Kevin De Leon admitted that half of his family resides in the US illegally and with the possession of falsified green cards and Social Security Cards. Let that sink in real good folks.

Also, if you’re thinking I’m exaggerating, here is  Kevin De Leon’s quote:

“…I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under [President Donald Trump’s] executive order, because if they got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB60, if they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That’s what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation.”


The quote is taken from a hearing over a California Senate bill introduced by the same guy, a bill that would transform the entire California into a sanctuary state.

Now you understand why sanctuary states voted massively for Hillary Clinton? God knows how many illegals are in California and you can bet your last paycheck that they were allowed to vote and maybe more than once.

Also, I can’t grasp the concept of illegals voting for a guy who promised to deport them as soon as he takes the office, that’s how crooked Hillary won California and other illegal-friendly places in a landslide.

Is there a Democrat or a progressive who can explain me rationally and with arguments at what point in US history it became acceptable for an elected official to declare candidly and publicly that half of his family is involved in a number of Federal crimes, including falsification of federal records and multiple identity theft?

Here’s from President Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly before Superbowl:

“I think it’s ridiculous — sanctuary cities. As you know I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime. There’s a lot of problems. If we have to we’ll defund. We give tremendous amounts of money to California. California in many ways is out of control. Obviously the voters agree. Otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for me,”


“So defunding is your weapon of choice —”


“Well, it’s a weapon. I don’t want to defund a state or a city,” 


“But you’re willing to do it?”


“I don’t want to defund anybody. I want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or state. If they’re going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly, that would be a weapon,” Trump said.