Dem Wins Alabama, White House Shellshock

doug jones defeats roy moore

REP candidate Judge Roy Moore was defeated on Tuesday in Alabama’s special election by the Democrat Doug Jones, who will now fill the Senate seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions after becoming US Attorney General. The victory margin for the Democrat was pretty slim, around one percent, and it’s very probable that Roy Moore will ask for a recount, as he already refused to concede the election results. Also, not all votes were counted just yet, especially the military ballots, but it’s very improbable anything would change now.

The cost of Roy Moore’s defeat for Republicans is huge, as the GOP majority in the Senate is now hanging by short-hairs, i.e. just one vote. What happened?

Well, compared to the 2016 Presidential election, almost all the Democrats turned out to vote (92%), but only one-half of the Republicans voted, and that’s why Moore lost. Also, not having a unified Republican party behind Judge Moore played a major role in his defeat. After claims of sexual misconduct appeared in Jeff Bezos’s blog (WaPo) 2-3 weeks ago, the GOP suggested a write-in candidate to replace Moore, and that did not help much with the voters. Basically, they ran a “stalking horse” write-in candidate that pulled enough votes away from Moore.

Luther Strange got beat in the Primaries, and the Establishment Republican’s egos were so bruised they pushed the RNC to remove his funding and support. By the time Trump restored it, there was only 1 week left before elections. This is how the Democrats could outspend Moore by 8 if not 10-1 .

The GoP literally worked with the Democrats to sink the Republicans and flip a Senate seat. Trump and Bannon almost succeeded in stopping them and still might, if the recount finds the same kind of massive vote fraud that Jill Stein found for Hillary in Detroit. Just like the Stein effect, the write-in candidates cost Moore the win.

moore alabama write in votes

The Washington (Com)Post story of 30-40 year old accusations was classic DNC dirty deeds done dirt cheap, choreographed, staged and perfectly timed to steal this election.  Anyone who chooses to ignore (&/or attacks those questioning) the unbelievably fortuitous timing involved here, is only contributing to the growing cesspool that is today’s American politics.

This tactic will be repeated many times over the next year. Looking forward to the spectacle of dozens of dim DC denizens, slimy swamp rats,  and dainty donkeys, ducking and dancing, braying their innocence to no avail as this titillating, tawdry tactic boomerangs right back around on them.