Dems Elect Former Obama Labor Sec Perez As National Party Chairman



Tom Perez just became the first Latino leader of the Democratic Party after he got elected earlier on Saturday as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Tom Perez is regarded as the establishment’s choice and he immediately named Keith Elisson, his main rival as his deputy.

The race came down finally between the 2 front runners, Keith Ellisson and Tom Perez, with the latter being a longstanding democrat and the former Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama’s administration.

Tom Perez won decisively with a 235 to 200 vote, mainly due to the accusations and criticism  against Keith Ellisson (from his own party) for being an anti semitic muslim with ties to the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan.



The new chairman of the DNC is an Obama/Clinton loyalist by any metrics and his victory over Keith Ellisson can be regarded as a fatal blow to the progressive wing of the Democratic party and to Bernie Sanders aficionados in particular.

Perez received strong support from Vice President Joe Biden and other important figures from Barack Obama’s former administration, who also backed Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Bernie Sanders and the progressives in the Democratic Party backed Keith Ellisson, who is the first Muslim elected to Congress. Clearly, the Democratic party remains divided between the establishment and the insurgent/grassroots lines, just like it was the case with the presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie.

Basically, the mainstream democrats won again, proving that they did not learn a thing from the last presidential election.

Tom Perez is the son of Dominican migrants, a 55 year old establishment Democrat whose election as chairman for the DNC is due mainly to his loyalty to the Obama/Hillary wing rather than to his ideology. Perez is viewed as a loyalist and a reliable functionary by the Democratic Party controllers.

Source: Yahoo