Denmark Joins EU Countries in Banning Niqab, Burka

Denmark burka ban

Denmark will soon join a number of European countries that already banned the hardcore Islamic attire, the full face covering veils also known as burqa and niqab. The new piece of legislation banning Islamic veils was proposed by Denmark’s liberal party’s Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

According to Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, who is part of the center right governing coalition, the new legislation proposal doesn’t have a religious substrata and it will not affect turbans, scarfs or the traditional Jewish kippa (the little skull cap). The vast majority of Danish lawmakers, including Denmark’s largest party (now in opposition) the Social Democrats seem to be favorable to the Burqa Law, at it’s popularly known.

The Burqa Law is already in full effect in countries like France, Austria or Belgium and it is aimed at the ultra conservative Islamic attire, even if a relatively minor number of Muslim women are wearing full-face burqas and/or niqabs on Europe’s streets.

The thing is, Muslims and other cultures/religions who choose to enter and live in the European Union legally must assimilate and be part of Europe’s culture and society, not the other way around. That means no terrorist attacks and to a lesser extend, no niqabs/burkas, which are symbols of women oppression under Islamic law.

If an American woman in Saudi Arabia is forced to dress “appropriately,” Muslims visiting civilized countries need to dress according to that country’s standard. When they return, they can return to the dress code of their own. One may wonder how did such a large group of people got trapped in the eighth century? Do the women care that the man wears modern, western dress while they walk several paces behind, dressed like a beekeeper?