Department of Defense Retweets Call for POTUS to Resign

dod retweets sjw

In yet another strange Twitter-related happenstance, the official Twitter account of the United States Department on Defense went rogue and retweeted a #resistance member’s call to action, i.e. a post asking for Donald Trump’s resignation.

The official DoD Twitter account’s handler retweeted a post via “PROUD RESISTER”, that came up with a brilliant idea to finish once and for all with the sexual harassment in Washington DC. The so-called proud resister sounds like the quintessential social justice warrior, as he’s a staunch opponent of President Trump and the right generally speaking. Also, he looks to be affiliated with a website that sells resistance gear, respectively.

In case you’re not savvy with how Twitter works, retweeting someone’s post is a 2-step process, which means the Dod Twitter account handler deliberately retweeted the proud resister’s post, as in this wasn’t accidental.

dod proud resister tweet

The Department of Defense moved fast and deleted the re-tweet above as soon as they’ve received feedback from other social media users (most probably). Following the embarrassing incident, the Pentagon issued a clarification:

The thing is, McDonalds, Twitter, DOD, EPA, National Parks etc., all tweeted negative statements against President Trump. And i doubt it’s all accidental. If you ask me, they’re letting him know the resistance is everywhere.