Deputy AG Rosenstein Warns Mueller on Investigating Crimes Outside Scope of Russian Interference

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In a very interesting development, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a warning to special counsel Robert Mueller on Sunday:

“Bob Mueller understands and I understand the specific scope of the investigation, and so no, it’s not a fishing expedition,”

said Rosenstein to Fox News Sunday’s host Chris Wallace. It appears like Robert Mueller has been put on notice (at least verbally) by the Deputy AG, i.e. any investigation of a crime crime found to be outside the scope of the federal probe into the Russia interference with the 2016 election must be approved by Rosenstein personally. After President Trump fired FBI’s director James Comey back in May, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein  appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee the federal Russia investigation, which looks into a presumptive “collusion” (which is not a crime by the way, even if it was real) with the Trump campaign.

Following Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to recuse himself from “all things Russian”, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was given the “ultimate power” with regard to hire/fire Robert Mueller, provided he has good reason to do that.

Even if there were numerous reports about Mueller expanding the Russia probe investigation into looking at Trump/his associates’ finances, a fishing expedition by any metrics which raised concerns about Mueller’s “good intentions”, the Deputy AG seemed to dismiss this issue. Rosenstein explained that Mueller has free hand if he founds evidence of a crime being committed within the scope of the Russia investigation, an investigation which is subject to the DOJ’s rules and regulations. If the respective crime is outside the scope of the investigation, let me quote Rosenstein here:

“he [Mueller] needs to come to the acting attorney general, at this time me, for permission to expand his investigation,”

Following the reports that Mueller is now looking into Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice and that he impaneled a grand jury which may issue subpoenas, Rosenstein called these reports to be nothing more than speculation based on unreliable/anonymous sources.

Rod Rosenstein appears a tad late. The Mueller horse is already trotting down the Flynn/Turkey trail while Rosenstein contemplates closing that barn door. There hasn’t been a peep yet about anyone in Mueller’s brigade actually investigating the so called Russian collusion.

It would seem that , like the Fitzgerald/Plame “investigation”, they already know that there was no collusion, but they are not going to let a good crisis go to waste. Fitzgerald got as close to the target Cheney as he could, but all he really did was destroy the life savings, college funds, and reputation of Scooter Libby & family. It looks like this new Democrat demolition team will do the same to some patriotic member(s) of this admin. It is the nature of the scorpion.

Via Washington Examiner