Deputy FBI Director’ Andrew McCabe ‘Removed’ Hours Before House #ReleaseTheMemo Vote

Andrew McCabe fired from FBI

According to a breaking news report via  NBC, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is now history, as he announced he is stepping down from his position effective today. However, McCabe will be allowed to remain on leave until March, when he becomes eligible for full pension with benefits. Then he will officially retire from the FBI, which is another issue into itself. In any private organization he would be kicked out without a benefits package. As a public employee, he should go to jail. If he was a Republican he would lose everything.To put it simply, McCabe is just stepping down, before he gets taken down! But more on that right after the break.

However, unlike NBC, Fox News announced a little bit earlier on Monday that McCabe was actually fired, as in removed/forced to step down, following a relatively downplayed event: on Sunday, FBI’s director Wray was able to read the classified FISA memo written by Republican staffers and what do you know: the next day, McCabe is history!

Today, the House intelligence committee will vote whether to release (as in declassify) the FISA memo, which details jaw-dropping criminal activity in the DOJ/FBI (FISA warrant abuses among other things) and allegedly contains McCabe’s name, together with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s and James Comey’s, as per a Daily Beast report from last week.

Andrew McCabe did not provide any kind of reason for which he resigned from his position at the FBI. His wife received considerable amounts of money (campaign contributions) from a Hillary Clinton related group when she ran for office back in 2015, and that was one of the reasons President Trump attacked him (patent conflict of interest), the other one being his role in the Clinton-email server investigation.

To make a long story short, FBI Director Wray goes to see the memo on Sunday, and McCabe is pushed out today! I bet McCabe is looking for a defense attorney right now.