Despite Having World’s Largest Oil Reserves, Venezuela Is Running Out of Gasoline

venezuela runs out of gas

You know that saying: If you let socialists manage the Sahara desert, in just a few years they will run out of sand. The same is true for Venezuela’s socialist government. According to an industry expert, despite having the world’s largest reserves, the incredibly oil-rich Venezuela could soon run out of gasoline, along with everything else.

If you are wondering why, the answer is simple: socialism is the most inept system ever created by man. Venezuela’s leftist leadership failed miserably (among various other things) at paying the shipping costs for imports (you read that right, Venezuela imports gasoline), and also due to a chronic lack of production.

The Movement for Technical and Oil Workers’s representative leader Iván Freites has said that Venezuela is confronting with yet another major crisis, as its socialist government is refusing (or doesn’t have the money) to pay for the shipping costs for refining their oil abroad, i.e. Venezuela doesn’t have the capacity to refine its own oil. Oil tankers have been stationary since June due to a lack of financing and the country only has 2-3 days worth of diesel. And without fuel, everything will collapse.

The thing is, Venezuela’s socialist government paralyzed the country’s once prosperous oil industry, and now they import just 150 barrels of gasoline daily, due to the fact that their refineries went offline or are running below capacity. And that’s because the government’s leftist policies resulted in soaring production costs, making it more feasible to import gasoline than to produce it/refine it locally. That’s socialism 101 for you.

According to Freitas, who is a trade unionist, oil workers in Venezuela make less than one dollar/day, compared to other rich oil countries, like the Arab states of Mexico where oil workers make upwards of $6,000 per year. Freitas said:

“The situation in Venezuela is so serious that there are transnationals that pay the worker $20 a month,”

How do you create an impoverished nation? Give a Socialist a resource-rich paradise, then wait. And speaking of socialist Utopia,  where’s Sean Penn been lately?

As President Trump said during his UN address, Venezuela is an example of having “faithfully” implemented socialism.

One would think that America’s Marxist Progressives would be flocking to Venezuela to assist their communist brothers and sisters. Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey and, most of all, Sean Penn should be down there right now to support Maduro with their fortunes. But , alas and alack, they choose to remain in the comfort of America’s capitalistic society that they detest so much.