Despite Barrage of Fake News, President Trump’s Approval Rate Hits 50%

President Trump approval rating

Boom! President Trump’s approval rate hits 50% according to a very recent Rasmussen poll. President Trump’s 50% approval rate comes despite the constant bashing by the corporate “faux news” mainstream media.

It’s worth noticing  that even a Harvard (which are hardly right wingers if at all) study revealed (to no one’s surprise actually) back in May that President Trump’s first 100 days into office “benefited” (pun intended) by the worst mainstream-media coverage in history. At least eighty percent of the news cycle and media reports on Trump’s young presidency have been negative.

This week, President Trump’s approval rate hiked at “fifty-fifty”, i.e. half of American voters approve Trump’s performance into office, while the other half are still watching CNN. However, 50% is a good score for the POTUS, as this is the first time President Trump reaches these numbers since late April. The POTUS approval rating swayed from an all time high in January (59%) to 42% earlier in April (the lowest so far).

The latest Rasmussen figures with regard to approval rates include 32% of American voters who strongly approve of The Donald’s performance, the “hard core” Trump-base so to speak, while 42% strongly disapprove the reality show which is mostly a fake-news narrative performed by the well known MSM pundits.

If you come to think about it, what Trump’s dealing with here is 80% negative coverage and 50% approval rating, provided this poll is accurate. What do you suppose his approval numbers would be if he got unbiased coverage? Also, there  are any reports out there on the MSM’s approval ratings? A comparison would be pretty interesting.

80% of reporting on him is negative, his approval grew to 50%. This only means the MSM will go to 100%.