Despite US Boycott, United Nations Demands Countries to Open Up Migration

United Nations Demands Countries to Open Up Migration

Earlier on Thursday,  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres  has claimed that governments that crack down on immigration are only harming themselves. This strange statement by known globalist mouthpiece Guterres was made ahead of the United Nations talks regarding a “global response” to United States’ boycott on migration. UN’s general assembly is trying to address the problem of the 258,000,000 “international migrants” and here’s Guterres:

“Authorities that erect major obstacles to migration – or place severe restrictions on migrants’ work opportunities – inflict needless economic self-harm. They impose barriers to having their labor needs met in an orderly, legal fashion. Worse still, they unintentionally encourage illegal migration”

If immigrants are so valuable to the economy, why are their own countries so eager to get rid of them? Mexico should be a world powerhouse using that logic.

Note how this “pushing” from the globalist UN (by the way, if borders don’t matter anymore, why should there even be a UN?)  is always directed at Western (as in European) countries. No one ever seems to demand that China, Brazil, Iran, Japan, South Korea or some 160 other countries boost migration numbers. I wonder why that is? There is nothing stopping any UN member nation from taking as many immigrants or invaders as they want.

The truth is, if you import third world migrants in huge numbers, you become third world. The United Nations failed to intercede and prevent the crises that led to mass migration. Now they are chiding member nations to deal with the consequences of their failures? The citizens in the member nations, not the U.N. General Assembly nor the Vatican since I’m sure the Pope will add his two cents worth, will be “on the hook” for the economic and social costs of absorbing more unskilled, low-skilled, and frequently illiterate people into their societies.

In the meantime, to whom are they abandoning the countries from which these migrants originate? Those countries are being surrendered to tyrants and Islamic terror groups, which the U.N. failed to deal with, leaving them in place to threaten peace and yield future generations of migrants. NO! The member nations should insist that the U.N. deal with the root causes of the exodus in accordance with its charter. Then, there will be no need for the social chaos they are asking other societies to resolve on their behalf.