Devin Nunes Blasts the FBI and the DOJ Spying on Donald Trump: ‘Stuff that Happens in Banana Republic

Rep. Nunes Speaks On DOJ-FBI Spying on Trump

After the FISA memo was released earlier on Friday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes “broke the ice” and gave an epic interview to Bret Baier on Special Report, speaking out on the incredible corruption in the Justice Department and the FBI during the Obama era, describing the memorandum’s revelations in terms such as “stuff that happens in Banana Republic”, and  “I don’t know what they were smoking” and so forth and so on. I don’t know what they were smoking, but I bet they were sure Hillary would win and everything would go under the rug, as usual.

The interview is a death blow to the Left’s arguments about the FISA memo being a nothing-burger, after they’ve clamored all week about its release to be a disaster for national security. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes went ballistic on the criminal Obama-era State Department, FBI and DOJ, saying about former FBI director James Comey:

He lied under oath… Type of stuff that happens in banana republics.

About the Steele so-called dossier, Nunes described as it follows:

If you look at the dossier from the beginning, I don’t know what they were smoking to think that Carter Page, who hasn’t had a job in many years… The Russians called an idiot… Do you think the Russians were going to offer him 19% share of major oil companies? This is crazy!… The dossier came from Russia. It came from Hillary campaign.

According to the Congressman, there were just 2 things true in the Trump Pissgate dossier: that Carter Page is a person and Russia is a country. About the FBI investigation:

We are looking at State Department.We have the facts. We know we are over the target by the way they react.

The problem is that the show host Bret is usually excellent at pretending he’s unbiased. But there was a very telling moment during the interview when he let his guard slip. Watch carefully. He interrupted the Congressman several times, at critical points, and directed his questioning elsewhere. I mean, it’s only the biggest political scandal in American history. But he has to go onto another story.

It was an important interview, and yet Baier screwed it up by constantly interrupting Nunes. Is there a single host on Fox capable of not interrupting guests? They all seem to think whatever they have to say is more important than what their guests try to say.