Did President Trump Just Ask Paul Ryan to Step Down?

President Donald Trump twitted earlier on Saturday asking for his followers to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox News:



During the show, the Fox News host asked clearly for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s resignation in the aftermath of his epic failure with regard to delivering the votes required to pass the American Health Care Bill, dubbed by many Obamacare Lite.

Judge Jeanine said that Paul Ryan owns this situation lock stock and barrel, as he had more than 7 years to work on a comprehensive plan (piece of legislation) for repealing/replacing Obamacare and since he failed miserably, he should do the right thing ASAP, i.e. to step down.

The Fox News host also accused the Speaker of the House as being the one who convinced President Trump to push for the repeal/replace of Obamacare instead of focusing on tax cuts, as The Donald intended initially, and that he should have prevented the monumental embarrassment of not having enough votes to pass his piece of legislation, putting the president in an awkward position, though this is not Trump’s job nor his mess.

Judge Jeanine accused Paul Ryan that despite being a smart person and having all the experience in the world, as he understands how these things work as opposed to Donald Trump who’s a business man and not a politician, he tried to sell a bill of goods which proved to be an utter failure.

The Fox News host denied that she talked to the President in advance, despite the fact that Donald Trump urged his fan base via Twitter to watch her TV show. Truth be told, Trump did that in the past, but typically when he was supposed to appear on the respective shows, which wasn’t the case this time.

One may wonder, as I did in a previous article, if President Trump knew from the beginning that Obamacare Lite will fail miserably and he only supported it as an excuse to get rid of the quintessential RINO Paul Ryan.