Did Russia Intervene in the U.S. election?

Democrats and Republicans think Russia did intervene, Trump thinks otherwise

votePresident Obama has ordered an official investigation into the cyber-attacks (blamed on Russians) which influenced the U.S. election.

The Democratic Party’s email was hacked, mainly targeting presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The government official pointed fingers at Russia in October, accusing it of meddling in the U.S vote.

A secret assessment report by CIA published in Washington Post claimed that Russians helped Trump to victory by intervening. President-elect Trump has disputed these allegations at various occasions. He believes that the accusations on Russia are politically driven. It goes without saying, but Russian officials have denied the hacking charges.

President Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor, Lisa Monaco said the “full review” will look into the role played by Russians to sway the U.S. election. She further added that the report would primarily rely on the evidence already collected by FBI and other investigation agencies. The extent of public revelation – if any – is still unclear; the report is more of an effort to showcase what the current administration believed and stood for, and it might only have a symbolic importance of showcasing the same to incoming new Trump administration.

A recent counter-terrorism report was released which was a compilation of legal and policy work with few revelations. This probe into election intervention is presumably to be like that counter-terrorism report, according to experts.

A breach in the email accounts of Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman enraged the Democrats. The state voter registration databases were also breached in Illinois and Arizona. Wikileaks revealed the Podesta emails, and they were posted online.

The same report published in Washington Post claimed that “individuals with a connection to Russian government” provided Wikileaks with these hacked emails, according to some “unnamed U.S. official.”

Mr. Trump asked Russia to “find” Mrs. Clinton’s emails at one point during his campaign, but he later clarified that he was being sarcastic. The Democrats claimed that it was a deliberate attempt to undermine Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

Even Republicans have firmly pointed the finger at Russia with Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham leading the charge to investigate the hacking. Graham has vowed to be unrelenting; he accused Russia of being the most destabilizing influence on the world stage and went on to say that Russia did intervene in the election, and he would want Putin to “personally” pay the price.

White House Spokesman, Eric Schultz said:-

The president wanted this done under his watch because he takes it very seriously. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections.

He called the review a deep dive into malicious cyber-activity. He further explained that the review would look at the targets, methods, and U.S. government’s response and the review will be completed before Trump officially takes over in January.

While responding to the accusations, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said:-

We are also very interested in understanding what they accused Russia of. Many times the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Minister Lavrov have asked Americans to provide full information. But never had any response.