Did We Reach a Point Where Fake News Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Donald Trump

While the conservative/right wing Americans are obviously reluctant when it comes to the plethora of  fake news/made up (anti Trump) stories pedaled by the mainstream media 24/7, it looks like  financial markets are also oblivious with regard to what media organizations are selling.

The thing is,  financial markets mostly ignored the latest story about the alleged collusion (some radical left wingers called it treason) between Trump Jr. and Kremlin, as the market indexes are near record levels. Basically,  investors don’t seem to buy the narrative, i.e. the cry from the left about the US coming to an end with Donald Trump in the White House, and this is not the first time when the news media establishment and financial markets/investors manifest a sharp divergence of opinion.

Judging from a new report via Pew Research Center, not only Republicans lost their faith in the corporate news media, but also Democrats (46% of DEMs hold a negative view of the MSM, with only 44% holding a positive one).

While the MSM keeps repeating that old “the sky is falling” mantra, there’s a complete lack of volatility in the financial markets, despite the constant coverage in the MSM about the Republic’s fate hanging in the balance. So, what’s going on?

Late June the media obsessed for several days that they finally had the goods on Jared Kushner, that was going to sink Trump for sure, then suddenly there was no more mention of it. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember now what the issue was.

Now we have the real bombshell on Donald Trump Jr. that will blow Trump to smithereens. Will anyone remember in August or September what it was all about?

The problem with this “fake news” phenomenon is that the news has just become a big gossip column where the information published has little more force and effect than the classic National Enquirer pitches about space aliens.  Those who are fans love the speculation but never dig any deeper, which is what the reporters for the rags like HuffPo and WashPo are doing.  It’s all like a slick high school smear campaign against an individual or group that is largely, if not totally, without basis.  Endlessly repeated through Twitter and Facebook, etc., the assertions become truth to the faithful.

Even democrats are getting weary of fake news, as this is all we get from the usual suspects,day and night: fake news and propaganda, as the media,who now has to drive the globalist narrative since democrats can’t get elected a dog catcher,relentlessly push their soft coup attempt with an increasing uninterested or downright hostile public.

There is no journalism left in the west, just steady drumming of the medias’ current narrative as they try to discredit and disrupt the legitimately elected President the people chose to drain the swamp the media inhabit along with their partners in crime : the unelected bureaucracy and corrupt politicians.

The fact is regular people don’t care.  It’s disgustingly obvious that the media as a whole has a narrative they want to push and they will not stop pushing it until we all believe it and that will magically make Trump go away, no one will ever vote for a non-politician for president again, and of course the media’s power to not only tell you the news but shape it will be set in stone forever.  Real people don’t care.  They want to hear the news, not be lectured about what might be or what could have been possible.

Trump is the president.  He’s not going to quit, he can’t be impeached (with the current congressional lineup), and anything the Russians might have done do not impact people who are trying to do their jobs, raise their kids, and get back to bed at the end of the day.  If the media doesn’t realize they’re turning their own customers off with not just what they’re doing but how they’re doing it then they do so at their own peril.

The myth of journalistic objectivity and independence has always been exactly that… a myth.

It is only amazing to me that the press continues to sell that objectivity and independence, through some magical Constitutionally enshrined right to be listened to, and people buy it.

If everyone simply accepted that the news media are evil for-profit corporations out for profit (gasp!) and influence just like any business, we could stop all the hand-wringing about how something that never existed still doesn’t.

Photo Source: Aron Anderson/Facebook