Disturbing: DHS Report Shows 70% of TSA Screenings Fail to Catch Weapons or Bombs

tsa 70% failure

The Department for Homeland Security performed an undercover investigation which revealed that the vast majority of TSA’s screenings fail to detects bombs or weapons at airport checkpoints, i.e. they have a 70% failure rate, which is abysmal by any metrics.

Basically, the TSA is nothing more than make-believe security, yet it consumes a huge amount of resources (read taxpayer’s money). The undercover DHS agents were able to smuggle basically anything through the checkpoints most of the time, ranging from mock bombs to guns and knives.

The revelation that 7 out of 10 potential terrorist would slip through TSA’s check points made the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul to describe the investigation’s findings as disturbing. TSA officials and lawmakers alike blamed outdated machinery/equipment for TSA’s failure to do their job (basically they asked for more taxpayer money), while the TSA released an official statement following the DHS investigation results, which reads:

OIG takes findings very seriously and are implementing measures that will improve screening effectiveness at checkpoints.

Yeah right.

Imagine my shock to find out that Democrats (Rep. Bill Keating of Massachusetts) blamed Trump for TSA’s epic failure, claiming that the disturbing situation is due to a lack of funding from Donald Trump’s administration.

“We have the technology and resources to do it but we’re not doing it because … we’re paying for a wall.”

Yeah right take two.

TSA needs to be trashed and security turned over to private companies. I have seen professional TSA personnel and I have seen TSA workers that looked like they just crawled out of a sewer and came to work: filthy, clothes in disarray, and acting like they are still half drunk.

If this happened in a private firm, they would be fired! And what is this dummy, who is supposedly a big wig in the TSA, saying it is “Disturbing”! Hell yes, it is disturbing, knowing those who are supposed to keep you safe are total morons, including their supervisors! Many government workers work for the government only because they are too incompetent to work anywhere else. They wouldn’t last a day in a private sector.

If you ask me, TSA (toilet safety administration) was created to groom Americans into giving up their liberties – to accept having to show their “papers”, be subject to search and even submit to molestation – sheeple training, if you will.