DNC Perez Unleashed: ‘Trump Didn’t Win Election’ (video)

dnc tom perez

It seems that it’s not only Hillary Clinton who failed to learn her lesson from losing the latest election cycle, as the same is true for the new DNC chairman Tom Perez.

This guy campaigned for his DEMs in Newark, New Jersey on Friday and he told the crowd, among other things obviously, that the Republican party doesn’t give a shit about them, end quote.

The rally during which Tom Perez, a hard core open borders socialist and a La Raza aficionado (and member) presented the crowd with his novel and progressive ideas was hosted by a group called New Jersey Working Families Alliance.

The DNC Chairman started the show by congratulating those brave protesters who showed up in massive numbers in Washington DC on January 21st, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Then he ridiculously claimed that those protesters gathered in the country’s capital proclaimed the Donald as a person who doesn’t stand for their values (I wonder which values are they talking about, pussy hats by any chance?) and that he didn’t win the election.

Tom Perez who was the Secretary of Labor under former president Barack Obama said later in his speech that he doesn’t care about the repercussions of his claims, just like those pesky Republicans don’t give a shit about people.

As if Democrats give a damn about people. Democrat political leaders have controlled our inner cities for 50 years, even in otherwise red states. Democrat politicians are 100% responsible for the crime, the violence, and the terrible failed schools in those cities. Democrats just stop by every other November to pick up the votes, without which they could never win another national election.

It’s interesting to see how the left is still living in their fantasy land, where the 2016 election never happen and Barack Obama is still president. It makes me remember about that cool website, I wrote an article about it recently: Site Lets Libs Live In Alternate Reality Where Clinton President

Don’t you love it when something consistently doesn’t work and your enemy keeps doubling down on that strategy? They actually pay consultants that tell them “I know this has led to the demise of your party over the last 8 years but at some point it’s going to turn a corner”.

When Hilary asked Trump if he was going to willingly accept the results of the election,I wish he would have said: I am, are you?