Do Nothing Congress Reaches 7 Years and 200 days With Massive Taxes and Obamacare Still In Place

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The Do-Nothing Republican dominated congress just hit the 200 days mark on July 23rd with massive taxes and Obamacare/Affordable Care Act (which is anything but affordable and it’s currently crumbling) still in place. President Trump won the 2016 election in what can be described as an electoral landslide while capturing Democratic strongholds which have not voted for REP in decades. Moreover, riding on his “back”, the GOP won back a majority in the Senate and also won back the House; yet, it’s increasingly obvious that the REP establishment/leadership does not share the POTUS’ vision as they’ve failed to do anything remotely important in the first 200 days of Trump’s presidency.

Speaker Ryan and Majority Senate Leader Mitch McConell are the quintessential RINOs. For example, Speaker Ryan is well known as an anti Trumper and he never supported the POTUS prior to him winning the election. House REPs and Paul Ryan actually gathered together prior to the November 8th election in a conference call of sorts, when Paul Ryan stated he will not support nor defend Donald Trump, now or in the near future.

Paul Ryan never supported President Trump’s agenda nor he ever stood firm behind candidate Trump. When the Donald announced his tax plan after being nominated by the RNC as the GOP candidate for POTUS, a spiteful Paul Ryan announced his own plan.

It’s obvious that there’s zero compatibility between President Trump and the House, even before the November 8th election. In all fairness, judging empirically i.e. based on observation and prima facie evidence, Speaker Ryan and the Congress are actually against the Donald.


President Trump promised the American people that during his first 100 days into office he will start building a wall, he will repeal ACA/Obamacare and pass massive tax cuts to improve the US economy and help creating jobs. However, no matter how hard he tried, the REP dominated Congress chose not to work with him and instead they’ve announced their own 200 days plan.

It’s obvious that Ryan’s Congress is not on the same side with the POTUS as they’ve decided to sabotage Trump’s presidency by getting nothing done. They actually appear to want the Donald to fail and to show him who’s boss. Here’s Speaker Ryan on Fox’s Tucker Carlson show, saying that the Congress has its own 200 days plan instead of the POTUS’ 100 days plan. However, they’ve accomplished exactly zilch.

In addition to doing almost nothing, the REP dominated Congress chose to stand back and watch the DEMs and their lapdog media pedaling the Russia conspiracy theory 24/7 and say nothing to defend their President. Rabid activist judges keep overturning the POTUS exec-orders and overturning the SCOTUS rulings, yet the Congress does not impeach them.

From 2010 to 2016 the GOP voted over 50 times to REPEAL Obamacare because they knew Obama would veto it.  McConnell and Ryan’s RINO’s never thought Trump would be elected.That’s why nothing else was ready (Obamacare replacement legislation that is) after 7 years of RINO BS!

Hell,  I bet most of them voted for Hillary!

Where are the Primary challengers? RINOs need to be replaced.

Dindu nuffin Congress has too much to lose if things change. Long term membership in a big money club, power, the spotlight, guaranteed $$$$ after they leave office from favors dispensed while in office. Why would anyone mess with that?

Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images