Donald Does it Again! Surprise Talks with North Korea in May

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to…Nah .. those are are reserved for community organizers

trump north korea talks

According to multiple official sources, including South Korea’s security chief, the Donald will meet that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un by May. The announcement was made Thursday night at the White House by South Korean National Security Director Chung Eui-yong, who confirmed that Pyongyang has extended an official invitation to the POTUS to meet, let me quote, “As soon as possible”, and that the Donald has accepted. This is huge.


FOX News reported last night:

“We are just getting word from sources to our own national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin about what that will include. The South Koreans, we’re told by a U.S. official, will announce that they have had a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean leader, and that they will also have an invitation to meet with Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, and President Trump. That will be announced. The feedback will be announced from the South Korean delegation that had met with Kim Jong-Un. They’ll announce a new meeting between the South Koreans and the North Koreans, and an invite as we mentioned, for President Trump to take part in a meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi said in Beijing:

History tells us that whenever tensions over the Korean peninsula subside, the situation will be clouded by various interferences. We have now again come to a crucial moment for testing whether the parties involved are truly sincere in resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. The United States and North Korea must engage in dialogue as soon as possible,”

Most important statement in the press conference: “NoKo Leader Kim Jong-Un is committed to denuclearization. He said NoKo will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests.”

Clinton handed NK  $4 billion. Obama shipped $400 million to Iran in the middle of the night.
And President Trump? Just tweeted=priceless. You don’t get dictators like Kim to negotiate from a position of weakness.

Isn’t it funny how positive of an impact a Commander in Chief that comes from outside the globalist establishment, actually loves his country, and isn’t ashamed to show it can have?

Regardless of what happens at this ‘meeting’, just the fact that the liberal media is now hyperventilating and wetting their pants is good enough. Now if we could just get a real Congress… we might be able to fix the mess they have made for all of these years.