Donald Trump Advisers Push Him to Get Rid of Obama Appointees

President Donald Trump’s advisers getting sick and tired of the gush of leaks from the White House are pushing him to get rid of all Obama-era appointees, saying that it’s now time to take decisive action and clean house of all leftovers.

The idea is to install people who are loyal to Trump’s ideas and political views as soon as possible, thus avoiding the plethora of leaks and damaging stories that have plagued his administration in recent weeks, thus keeping it in a constant damage control mode.

Some of Trump’s most important advisers and the President himself firmly believe that Obama appointed officials are the culprits behind the leaks, as Democrats and their loyalists are using every mean available to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

The latest example of foul play is represented by the recent allegations about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s lying about his encounters last year with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

According to mainstream media reports, Jeff Sessions misled senators during his confirmation hearings about his interactions with Russian officials. Trump’s advisers blamed Obama appointees for spreading spurious intel about Trump’s campaign’s alleged contacts with Russian officials and for damaging (proven fake later) leaks, just like it was the case with President Trump’s calls with foreign leaders.

A top surrogate in Trump’s new administration, Newt Gingrich respectively, was quoted as saying by Politico:

His playbook should be to get rid of the Obama appointees immediately. There are an amazing number of decisions that are being made by appointees that are totally opposed to Trump and everything he stands for. Who do you think those people are responding to?”

According to Roger Stone, a long time friend and adviser of Donald Trump:

“If you employ people who aren’t loyal to you, you can’t be surprised when they leak,

Another person close to Trump said:

“He should have gotten these people who are out to get him out a long time ago, a long, long time ago. I think they know that now.”

In an appearance on Fox News earlier this week, President Trump confirmed his belief that Obama and his loyalists are behind the wave of leaks plaguing his young administration over the last 2 months:


Newt Grinch also stated that 95% of Washington bureaucrats (and they are thousands if not tens of thousands) are against President Trump’s policies, hence The Donald’s problems are pretty complicated as the swamp is much deeper than initially thought.

Source: Politico

Photo Credit: Getty