Donald Trump is the First Foreign Leader Invited to Dine in China’s Forbidden City

The world leaders respect our President, what a difference!

President Trump and the First Lady were treated like royalty during their first official visit to China. As the POTUS arrived in China on Wednesday on the 3rd leg of his Asian tour, he was treated like no other foreign leader in 68 years by the Chinese officials, who shut down the Forbidden City for the POTUS’ visit.

The Presidential couple were honored to receive an extremely rare dinner invitation at the Forbidden City. This thing never happened in 68 years, i.e. no foreign leader has been invited to the Forbidden City since People’s Republic of China was founded almost 7 decades ago.

trump china forbidden city

Trump’s royal treatment by the Chinese makes a stark contrast with Barack Obama getting  snubbed when he visited China last year for the G-20 summit. The Forbidden City was the residence of the Chinese imperial family for hundreds of years and it makes for an exquisite palace complex that was shut down in the POTUS’ honor on Wednesday. The leaders of the world’s top economies enjoyed a dinner together and a Peking opera performance. According to a professor of government and politics speaking to CNN:

“Xi is going to treat Trump almost like an emperor; China will give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy.”

If the Donald will be persuaded by the God-Emperor treatment remains to be seen. The POTUS is expected to push his bilateral trade agenda and North Korea issues during his China visit. The question is if this visit will be productive or mostly ceremonial.

And obviously, one may wonder how long before news of this honor is morphed by the mainstream media to show Trump “colluding” with the Chinese? The mainstream media in the US will probably downplay the significance of the honor the Chinese gave to the President. The establishment insiders, however, will understand it , and it will be like a knife in their gut . Obama will probably overdose on gummy bears.


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Photo REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst, Twitter