Donald Trump Named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Nailed it!


Who would have thought that just four months will make such a big difference? Obviously, not Time magazine, as they went full retard, from Meltdown to Total Meltdown to…Man of the Year. Yes folks, that’s the Trump effect and nothing can sum it up better than these 3 simple pictures:



If anything can emphasize the total collapse of mainstream media’s credibility is today’s announcement by Time Magazine. Their former Nemesis, the man who will never be POTUS, the joke, the demagogue, the huckster, the racist and the whole palaver, you know what I am talking about, Donald Jesus Trump respectively, was named Person of the Year on Wednesday by Time Magazine’s staff. And this is not the Onion either.

After today’s announcement, the next logical question is if Time Magazine will nominate Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to be Man of the Year in 2017. I am only kidding of course, but considering how the respective publication treated The Donald during the election and even in its current issue, one may speculate that the “honor” basically ended here and now.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, consider this: while Time Magazine is currently describing Donald Trump as the real change maker in 2016, which he definitely is, no question about that, the same issue smears the Donald even now, after  his election as the new POTUS for being a demagogue and a huckster. Obviously, Time Magazine continues to praise the sour loser Hillary Clinton, just like the rest of the mainstream media, calling her an American Moses and the whole nine yards.

Let me quote Time Magazine:

“Like an American Moses, she was an imperfect prophet, leading women to the edge of the Promised Land. Now it’s up to another woman to enter it.”

When describing Donald Trump, the article in the Time Magazine uses almost entirely backhand compliments. For example, while it says that, let me quote: (he) “did what no American politician had attempted in a generation,” it also notes that “magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country.

You see what they did right there? Let’s just remember the basket of deplorables and Hillary Clinton’s vow to respect the will of the people and the rule of law after the election, provided that she wins of course.

What happened after Trump won the electoral college in a landslide is already history, though Jill Stein is still trying to change the election results using the back door via desperate attempts to recount the vote in key states won by Trump, an effort which is already hit by epic failure, not to mention the “game of thrones” which is currently taking place in the electoral college.

Obviously, Times Magazine’s article about Hillary Clinton is very different, reminding me more of an epic poem dedicated to North Korea’s dear leader than a piece of journalism on a presidential runner up who lost in a disgraceful manner. In case you did not know it, Hillary Clinton was the first candidate in US history to not congratulate the winner in the acceptance speech.


Will Donald Trump make media great again too? We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Source: Time, Zero Hedge