Donald Trump Orders Release of JFK Assassination Files

trump orders release jfk assassination

This is President Trump’s tweet on Saturday morning announcing he will allow for the release of more than 3,000 never-before-seen docs pertaining to the assassination of former POTUS John Fitzgerald  Kennedy. I can already hear the conspiracy-theories-mill spinning out of control.

The classified intel is set to be released on Thursday, October 26th, and if you are wondering why on October 26th, well, this is the date set a quarter of a century ago under a bill signed by POTUS 41 (George H.W. Bush). The cache of secret documents includes a number of rare files never revealed to the general public, together with more than 30,000 docs which were previously released (in redacted form obviously). Politico reported that the Central Intelligence Agency was trying to persuade Donald Trump to keep parts of the docs cache classified due to security concerns.

The thing is, Donald Trump can order them to release the documents, and they will definitely release something. But will it be all of it and will it be real? They’ve had over 50 years to make a story for this day, don’t you think they did? So, don’t get your hopes too high. Best case scenario, it will be heavily redacted to omit any significant information. The obvious question is why were these files secret in the first place?

The Warren Commission who investigated JFK’s assassination was dubbed the Dulles Commission. Basically, JFK fired Dulles from his position of CIA chief after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and then LBJ (JFK’s VP and successor) put Dulles on the commission investigating the JFK assassination. This is unbelievable.

Now, if you don’t trust the Warren Commission’s findings (I don’t), why would you believe any government provided document regarding the Kennedy assassination? Governments always release what they want you to see and lead you to what they want you to believe. As in most things governmental, truth is superfluous.