Donald Trump Picks General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense

ISIS vs Mad Dog?

During a speech in Cincinnati Ohio’s “Thank You Tour” from last night, the Donald just confirmed James Mattis, a retired Marine general as his pick for Secretary of Defense. Nicknamed Mad Dog, the 66 years old five-star general was chosen by president elect Donald Trump due to an impeccable service-record during his more than 4 decades in the USMC.

James Mattis is widely regarded as a highly influential military leader of his generation, a chess-player i.e. a strategic thinker who often flabbergasted political commentators with his aggressive stance and blunt talking points (hence his Mad Dog nickname).

The “breaking news” was first aired by the Washington Post and the official announcement from Trump team is expected for early next week. Trump’s transition team’s spokesperson was requested to issue a statement about the matter by WaPo  but there was no response at the time I am writing this piece.

The Donald was quoted as saying:

“We are going to be announcing him Monday of next week.Keep it inside the room.”


Obviously, “they” didn’t . James Mattis retired in 2013 as chief of United States Central Command and he is known for criticizing Obama’s administration policy in the Middle East, or the lack thereof actually. “Mad Dog” Mattis said in 2015 during a speech at the Heritage Foundation in the context of dealing separately with the Iranian backed terrorism i.e. Hezbollah and the Islamic State:


“ Is political Islam in the best interest of the United States? I suggest the answer is no, but we need to have the discussion. If we won’t even ask the question, how do we even recognize which is our side in a fight?”


Since his retiring, James Mattis worked as a consultant for Stanford University’s think tank Hoover Institution. Trump’s veteran fan-base was reported as doing back flips on-line after hearing the news about their “hero” Mad Dog to be the new US Secretary of Defense. James Mattis was often praised by army personnel for his hard stance with regard to Islamic terrorism and he was celebrated on the internet under the “Patron Saint of Chaos” meme, his call sign in Afghanistan and Iraq, together with the saying that “he puts the laughter in manslaughter.

James Mattis was hand picked by the Donald from a short list which included big names, the likes of CIA’s former director and also a retired Army general David Petraeus or Texas former governor Rick Perry.

Mad Dog’s biography is pretty impressive, as one would expect actually from a guy who served as a general in the USMC and needless to say, he makes for an interesting choice as SecDef, being both a scholar and a soldier who sees the big picture and knows first hand the way of the world from a military perspective.

James Mattis is a life long bachelor (warrior-monk is another nickname of his) who served America in basically all Middle Eastern conflicts and in 2001 he was in charge of finding Ossama Bin Laden, leading 4000 marines in a head hunt operation near the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

Source The Washington Post.