Donald Trump Trolls Michael Moore’s Failed Broadway Show

trump trolls michael moore

President Trump decided once again not to be “presidential” and took a shot at Michael Moore on Twitter on Saturday, making fun of his Broadway show that was, let me quote: “a total bomb”:

The well known left-wing documentary maker and avid anti Trumper saw his Broadway performance “The Terms of My Surrender” (a one very-fat-man performance to be honest) closed on Sunday after one hundred shows, due to its abysmal performance at the box office. “The Terms of My Surrender” grossed less than 50% expected as per a Forbes report.

The show was described by critics as  “shaggy and self-aggrandizing” as Moore’ “shtick has become disagreeable with age.” The show’s promotional materials read:  “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting president?”

The answer is clearly no. President Trump is the greatest real-life troll of all times, that’s why we love him. Michael Moore’s last few movies totally bombed, just like his Broadway show, just like Meryl Streep’s last movie went under, and Clooney’s new movie that opened yesterday is doomed to fail. There are way more Trump supporters than the media leads you to believe. In Moore’s case you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to be repulsed. You just need to have some class and taste.

Michael Moore, like most other leftists, are being played like a fiddle by President Trump. The tweets keep his base active, and the typical overreaction by both the main stream media, and the target of his tweets, excite the president’s base.