Donald Trump Vows to Bring Border Wall Costs ‘way down’

President Donald Trump twitted earlier on Saturday that he will get personally involved with bringing the border wall costs way down. Let’s check out the President’s tweets:


If you remember yesterday’s article, according to a Department of Homeland Security internal report, Trump’s wall would take three and a half years to build at a cost of over 21,6 billion dollars, which is almost double compared to the 12 billion claimed by Donald Trump in the past during his election campaign.

Donald Trump went on twitter on Saturday taking another jab at the judges who blocked his travel ban, calling the US legal system broken and dangerous, then citing a report from the Washington Times that claims the State Department dramatically increased the rate of so called refugees it has accepted in the last week from the 7 nations named in the already infamous travel ban.




Trump went on further, responding to a report recently leaked by Reuters claiming that the cost of his big, beautiful wall will be much higher than anticipated. Reuters followed up with a new article on Friday night saying that skepticism over the border wall is increasing in both Democrats and Republicans.

According to the REP congressman Will Hurd, building a wall is not only hugely expensive (he gave a 40 billion figure as per an older MIT study) but also the least efficient method for deterring illegal immigration.

A Democratic Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy respectively, said during a telephone interview that funding a costly and inefficient project like a border wall is counter productive, as the monies would be better spent on curing cancer and building schools for our children.

I think we’ve already heard all these so-called arguments times and times before. But guess what: Donald Trump promised to build a wall for stopping illegal immigration in the US and he got elected; now he is delivering 100% as per his campaign promises.

And yes, it’s gonna’ happen folks, just wait and see. The wall, that is.

Source: Yahoo, Reuters