Don’t Go to England: Here’s the Video Advice for British Tourists on How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

UK Terrorism

In case you were thinking about visiting the Old Continent this summer, well, think again. We just got word about the new normal in Europe, as British tourists are now being advised via a new video released by UK officials about how to survive a terrorist attack. And if you were wondering what’s up with that, let’s remember how London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan warned his constituents that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big (read diverse/multicultural) city. I bet he wasn’t talking about Tokyo, Budapest, Seoul or Warsaw. All these cities are terrorism free and they have something in common, guess what.

Getting back to our news story, the UK counter-terrorism police issued a brand spanking new safety tutorial on how to survive a terrorist attack. The video was released just ahead of UK’s summer breaks and it depicts terrorists using assault rifles attacking a tourist resort:

Despite this grim video release, the UK police claims there’s no specific intel about UK tourists being targeted by Islamic terrorists this summer. However, the said video clip is aimed at raising public awareness. According to UK officials/strategists, the chances of getting caught up in a terrorist attack are rather small, yet it’s important to stay alert and know what to do if SHTF.

Basically, the terrorists won, isn’t it? Life will never be the same in Europe’s enriched and multicultural cities. And this video is proof of that. That’s the new normal in Europe. Refugees Welcome and all that liberal nonsense. As per our advice, if you want to avoid getting caught in terrorist attacks, stay away from Europe this summer and especially from Londonistan: