Duterte on Kim Jong-un: Chubby-faced fool who plays with dangerous toys

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine’s controversial President called the North Korean leader a ‘fool’, ‘son of a bi**ch’, who is playing with ‘dangerous toys’.

His comments come days after North Korea conducted its second successful ICBM launch. Duterte, who is known for his combative statements, had nothing but scathing remarks on Kim Jong-un.

This Kim Jong-un, a fool…he is playing with dangerous toys, that fool,” Duterte in a Wednesday speech, as quoted by Reuters.

“That chubby face that looks kind. That son of a b**ch. If he commits a mistake, the Far East will become an arid land. It must be stopped, this nuclear war. A limited confrontation and it blows up here, I will tell you, the fallout can deplete the soil, the resources and I don’t know what will happen to us.”

This month, the Philippines will host South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum. Foreign ministers from 27 countries – that include Australia, China, India, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea and the United States, are expected to discuss the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S., Japan and North Korea staged military drills and missile tests in response to North Korea’s missile launch, while U.S. President Donald Trump did not exclude the possibility of a military solution.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday that the U.S. wants dialogue with North Korea, and added it was not the enemy. Tillerson also said the U.S. did not seek to topple the North Korean regime.

Source: Reuters