Election Hacking: President-elect Trump Promises Report within 90 Days

Donald Trump accused that the claims were “made-up facts by sleazebag political operatives.”

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President-elect Trump has promised a report within 90 days on alleged Russian hacking during the U.S. Presidential election campaign.

In consecutive tweets, Donald Trump accused that the claims were “made-up facts by sleazebag political operatives.”

The U.S. Intelligence agencies have accused Russia of interfering in the election by hacking party communications. The Intelligence is also investigating claims that Russia has compromising information on Trump.

Mr. Trump said in a tweet Thursday that he got a call from the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to “denounce the false and fictitious” reports of a Russian dossier “circulated illegally” against him. The dossier was leaked to the media earlier in the week. Mr. Clapper gave a divergent account; he said that he told Mr. Trump that no judgment had so far been made about the reliability of the report. He also denied that the allegations were leaked by the intelligence agencies.

The rift between the intelligence community and Mr. Trump has deepened because of the reports. In the first news conference as President-elect, Trump said that it would be a “tremendous blot” on the credibility of the U.S. intelligence agencies if the leak had originated from them.

“That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done,” he said.

What Do We Know about Russian Dossier So far?

The Buzzfeed website published a 35-page document – which had already been circulating in media and political circles during the time of the election – claiming Russia has compromising information about Mr. Trump’s business dealings and footage of him with prostitutes during a visit to Moscow.

The allegations have been dismissed by Russia as “pulp fiction.”

It is believed that the dossier was initially commissioned by Republicans who were opposed to Mr. Trump. It was prepared by a former MI6 operative who now runs a London-based private consultancy.

Christopher Steele, who was formerly based in Moscow with the British foreign spy service, is now on the run after he left his home this week.

The Russian Interference in Election

The unclassified version of a report was released by the U.S. intelligence agencies earlier this month which alleged that the Russian government had a “clear preference” for Mr. Trump to secure the presidency.

It went on to claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to undermine the general public faith in the democratic process and “denigrate” the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The report continues to allege the Russian military intelligence of hacking into the emails accounts of the DNC – Democratic National Committee – and top Democrats, and then usage of intermediaries like WikiLeaks to release the information, although WikiLeaks founder had denied the allegations earlier.

It also claimed that Russia collected data from Republican-affiliated targets as well, but a comparable disclosure campaign was not conducted.

The spokesman to Mr. Trump has said that the President-elect accepts the intelligence report, but also added that there is no evidence which could show that the outcome of the election was affected.