Election Weekend in France, Analyst Who Predicted Trump Win Bets on Le Pen

marine le pen

This weekend we will witness the first round of the French presidential election, which takes place in a two-step process, i.e. the finalists of Sunday’s run will fight head to head in the second round and yes indeed, Front National’s Marine Le Pen is definitely a favorite.

The thing is, just like it was hoped with Hillary (I’m with her campaign), Marine Le Pen is supposedly drawing a quiet army of women behind her, but this time for a good reason. Compared to the uber-globalist and multiculturalist Hillary, Marine Le Pen is the exact opposite, as she’s asking for a withdraw from the European Union’s tyranny and to put an end to islamic immigration in the country. Or, to all immigration, it’s not yet very clear.

Marine Le Pen’s hard stance on islamic immigration and all things associated herewith (read terrorism, antisemitism, criminality, misogyny and all that jazz) is very well received by common folk who has already benefited from the real-life effects of the progressive mantra “diversity is our strength”. Diversity was never a strength for any society in history and speaking of France, it’s definitely not the case, at least with regard to its muslim minority which is expected to become a majority in 3 generations tops if things are continuing at the current pace (read open borders and demographic trends).

To quote a Le Pen supporter (a woman) :

“She fights for women’s rights against Islam. I vote because of Marine.”

Le Pen’s hard stance on islam in a country besieged by islamic terrorism and with a (at least) 7.5% muslim population will make for an epic fight for the second round of the presidential election, provided she’ll be among the finalists, which is almost a certainty.

To make things even worse for the globalist/progressive establishment, the analyst who predicted Trump’s win now bets on Marine Le Pen, and I am talking about GaveKal Research, a Hong Kong based consultancy firm with expertise in asset allocation.