donald trump

It’s official folks, Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America, as he secured earlier today 304 Electoral College votes. Donald Trump obviously took to Twitter to confirm his landslide victory:




Despite two rogue Texas electors, the state’s 36 electoral votes pushed The Donald over the edge, giving Trump a total of 304 votes vs Hillary’s 228, as per the final count. Typically just a formality, today’s vote in the Electoral College was tense, due to protests and desperate attempts from Democratic electors trying to block Donald Trump’s path to the White House.

The “Never Trumpers” argued that they have a constitutional duty in the Electoral College to act independently and to disregard the will of the voters considering the extraordinary circumstances, i.e. Hillary losing the elections after she was credited with 99% chances of winning by the mainstream media.

What’s very funny, marking yet another win for The Donald is that 4 faithless DEM electors in Washington State broke ranks and they refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, whilst only two faithless REP electors from Texas, one of them being the already famous Chris Suprun, chose not to vote the will of the people in their state.

The nationwide calls for blocking Donald Trump in the Electoral College were basically ignored on Monday’s vote, while Hillary felt the burn, losing one more time against The Donald.

It’s worth mentioning for the sake of argument that Clinton winning the popular vote is totally irrelevant and it’s only due to one state, California respectively.

Thing is, the  the electoral process in the United States is being conducted for hundreds of years following rules specifically designed for denying the presidency to the popular vote winner. Moreover, The Donald actually won the national popular vote, in all states except for California.

Under the US electoral system, Americans are voting a national president, not just California’s pick. The Electoral College worked like clockwork and the Congress will certify today’s vote on January 6th, whilst Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the US on January 20th.

Source: NBC