Emmanuel Macron Inaugurated as President

Macron became the youngest French head of state since Napoleon

Emmanuel Macron (39) was inaugurated as the 25th President of France in an elaborate ceremony in Paris on Sunday. He was inaugurated at Elysee Palace, the official residence of French presidents.

Macron succeeded Francois Hollande, arguably the most unpopular French President in modern history. He beat Front National’s Marine Le Pen in the Presidential election run-off on May 7, with 66 percent of the vote.

Before his official inauguration, Macron met with the outgoing President Francois Hollande. After a handshake with his successor, Hollande left the Elysee and ended his term as President.

In his inaugural speech, Macron vowed to restore France’s standing in the world.

France is only strong if it’s prosperous. France is only a model for the world if it is exemplary.

We will have given back to the French a taste for the future – and pride in what they are.

The whole world will pay attention to what France says – because we will, together, go beyond our fears and anxieties.

We will, together, be an example of a people that knows how to affirm their values, their principles – those of democracy and the republic.

Macron was sworn in as the new head of state by Laurent Fabius, president of the Constitutional Council.

“In order to be the man of one’s country, one must be the man of your time,” Fabius said.

“By the sovereign choice of the people, you are now, above all … the man of our country … President of the Republic.”

Macron was then greeted by a gun salute, and then ook to an open-topped military vehicle to cruise up the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe, accompanied by mounted guards. Afterwards, the new President visited the Tomb of Unknown Soldier underneath the Arc de Triomphe, where he laid a wreath at the tomb.

Macron will soon face significant challenges, as he is yet to appoint a Prime Minister and assemble his political movement ahead of the important legislative election in June.

Source: BBC News

Photograph: Abd Rabbo Ammar/EPA