End of an Era: Boy Scouts Look to Expand Girls’ Participation

boy scouts of america to allow girls

For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America have been teaching boys to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly and all the rest of the Scouts’ creed. Of course, the Left hated them for that.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the Boy Scouts of America were impregnated with the left’s radical ideology, having undergone seismic changes in the past 5 years, showcasing the Left’s persisting attack on successful institutions in this country. The Boy Scouts of America was founded back in 1910 and it has been considered one of America’s bastions of tradition, an institution proven times and times again to be able to turn boys into men.

However, starting with 2012, the Boy Scouts agreed to accept openly homosexual youth members together with adult volunteers, and later on transgender boys. Furthermore, the Boy Scouts of America announced that starting from next year, they’ll admit girls into the Cub Scouts and also they’ll create a new program for older girls, a program based on the Boy Scout curriculum that will enable them to pursue the  Eagle Scout rank, thus following the Leftist mantra in the academy, that genders are nothing more than a social construct, they don’t mean anything, that gender and sex are not related at all and all that nonsense. What about the Girl Scouts? They were founded just 2 years after the Boy Scouts and they actually released a statement condemning this move.

Instead of radicals infiltrating already established American institutions to conform them to their own leftist ideology, why not just go establish their own new ones? They are only interested in one thing, as they share Obama’s vision for fundamentally changing our country. Their assault on our Flag, our Anthem, our Constitution, our history, our culture, and our liberty continues. Gay scouts, gay leaders, transgenders, and now girls. This marks  the end of a great institution of life experience and American youth training.

The thing is, the Boy Scouts of America is now bleeding profusely in both revenue and recruiting. Thank the BSA leaders for allowing gays in, and don’t forget to thank dear leader Obama while you’re at it. In response to allowing homosexual scout leaders in the BSA, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormons) have broken from BSA, thus costing BSA approximately 50% of their annual revenue.

With the Boy Scouts dead and buried, a really good alternative to learn skills of all types including wilderness survival, search and rescue, Ranger Training and even flying is Civil Air Patrol. It makes the Boy Scouts look like Romper Room time. It is co-ed and run by military staff and officers. It’s hard, but worth the time and investment.

You’ll have to verify to see if this is still true but, but I believe kids aged 12-18 can join Civil Air Patrol as cadets and remain cadets until age 21. In special school-based program squadrons, sixth graders can join, even if they haven’t turned 12.