End of an Era: OSCAR Crashes to Lowest Viewership in History

End of an Era: OSCAR Crashes to Lowest Viewership in History

The 2018 Hollywood Awards on Sunday night registered its worst viewership in history, an all time low so to speak, dropping 20 percent compared to the previous year, with the total viewership standing at 26.5 million. By comparison, the 2017 Oscars reached 33 million viewers.

As per an AP analysis, this is the first time in history when the Hollywood Awards registered few than thirty million viewers. To put things into perspective with regard to how far left the Hollywood Oscars got, they had Jimmy Kimmel opening the ceremony as a far left political activist, urging people to march for gun control and insulting VP Pence; as a fun factoid, the 2018 NCAA College Football Championship had 4 million more views than the Oscars, with  30.7 million people tuning in to the Georgia-Alabama game, meaning that over 4 million Americans preferred a college football game to the 2018’s Oscars.

And that’s not because the American people don’t like movies anymore, it’s the other way around actually. What changed for the last couple of years or so is the movie stars’ attitude at the Oscars, where clueless millionaire actors posing as Democrat operatives lecture people  about politics and various leftist agendas, like global warming. Americans don’t want to be lectured by actors and  entertainment moguls (mega billionaires) on open borders, globalism, gun laws, or how white people are monsters.

Most people who find themselves in a hole, stop digging. Not these intellectual vacuums from Hollywood. They just keep on keeping on.

Want a brief summary of last night’s event? Here goes: last night Hollywood took a break from raping each other to lecture us about gun control while their armed security details stood close by backstage.