ESPN is Crumbling as NFL Ratings Slide Worsens With No End in Sight

espn nfl ratings drop

As NFL ratings are sliding, for some ESPN employees this Thanksgiving will be a nightmare. America’s seminal sports network, which as of late morphed into a political opinion site under the Trump Derangement Syndrome is facing big-time personnel cutbacks due to budget problems.

Between this Thanksgiving and Christmas, ESPN  must cut 80 million dollars in salaries, which means that up to 100 of its employees will be fired. Over the last six years, ESPN has lost over thirteen million of its subscribers, which translates into one billion dollars cut from their budget in the same period of time. The embattled sports league (the NFL that is) saw its ratings drop 6.3 percent in week 11, which means that one million Americans refused to tune in to see those ungrateful players taking a knee during the national anthem.

To give you an example on how bad things are, just in October ESPN lost 15,000 subscribers each and every day.

And their ratings are a train wreck, with no end in sight. Here’s from Breitbart:

With TV ratings off nearly 20 percent for the season over all, the networks have reportedly lost up to $500 million in ad revenue. The ratings slide is reflected in the sparse attendance at the stadiums, too, with Week 11 photos showing that there are still empty seats galore.

If you ask me, these are wonderful news. The ESPN chose to become an anti Trump propaganda platform and to promote liberal racism rather than remaining a sports site. They chose to employ bigots like Jemele Hill and now they’re paying through the nose, i.e. they well earned their problems.

I don’t wish anyone loss of job; however, the left have a strangle-hold on the entire fourth estate (non-political entities that influence politics e.g. media, universities etc) and if we are to prevent America (and Western Civilization itself) from being destroyed and replaced with a totalitarian state of some description, then the leftist strongholds within the fourth estate (such as ESPN) need to be shut down.

The bottom line is power needs to be spread out among small entities and not centralized.