EU Starts Infringement Procedures Against States Refusing Migrant Quotas

EU refugee crisis

The European Union began infringement procedures against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic on Tuesday do to their defiance with regard to accepting migrant quotas (the so-called refugees). The Eurocrats in Brussels are a little mad about these three states which seem to be smarter than their Western siblings into their refusal to accept unvetted refugees coming from ISIS territories into their countries.

After Germany opened its borders to more than one million so-called refugees from all corners of the world, not only Syria, the wise guys from Brussels decided to force all EU member states to take their fair share of migrants, even if no one was consulted. This crisis is owned by Germany and Merkel, but in their infinite wisdom, the EU bureaucrats are now trying to force other countries to take in 160,000 migrants, most of them completely unvetted and arriving from war torn/terrorism prone countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq and so forth and so on.

While Poland and Hungary said NIET completely and refused to take in any “refugees”, The Czech Republic accepted magnanimously to allow 12 migrants in, in an epic trolling move of sorts. The Eurocrats became very angry with the Visegrád Group ‘s zero-tolerance policy with regard to refugees and decided to started infringement procedures, claiming that the 3 sovereign nations can’t be so sovereign after all, as they’re in violation of their obligations as EU member states.

Their “duty” as member states is to commit national suicide, like the rest of Europe?

Obviously, the three countries will plead their case at the European Court of Justice, yet Czech Prime Minister Sobotka was very blunt:

“With regard to the worsened security situation in Europe and dysfunctionality of the quota system, it will not participate in it,”

Unelected faceless men in grey suits, telling elected governments what to do. That is the madness of the EU. The Visegrad nations have no obligations to these Eurocrats. They did not invite them in – Merkel did and Sweden did , so they are THEIR responsibility. Don’t want them? Then you ought not to have invited them in. It seems it will take another war to stop Germany, but this time there will be no Marshall plan…