EU Waking Up? Czech Republic Relaxes Gun Laws to Combat Islamic Terrorism

czech republic gun laws

The Czech Republic, a tiny EU country which  is known in Europe for being part of the Visegrad group is now  trying to work out something along the lines of the US Constitution’ Second Amendment. To give you a little bit of reference, the Visegrad Group is composed from a number of Eastern European countries, the likes of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, and it was formed with the purpose to make the integration in the EU more easier.

However, in the last couple of years, the Visegrad Group made headlines due to their countries leaders (check out Hungary’s Prime Minister  Viktor Orban, the Eastern equivalent of Nigel Farage so to speak) opposing the EU bureaucracy’s policies with regard to open borders and also stating their refusal to take in any number of the so called refugees arriving in droves in Europe after Germany via its chancellor Angela Merkel broke the law and opened up the borders of the EU accepting millions and million of unvetted (mostly Muslim) so-called refugees coming from all the corners of the world.

Following the wave of criminality and Islamic terrorist attacks which occurred all over the EU (not in Poland, the Czech Republic or any other country that did not embrace multiculturalism by the way) since the refugee crisis started back in 2015, the Czech Republic decided that citizens’ lives are more important than edicts dictated by unelected EU bureaucrats. Henceforth, the Czech lower chamber of Parliament approved a piece of legislation earlier on Wednesday that puts gun owners’ rights in the Constitution, something along the lines of the US Second Amendment.

This move is in antithesis with the European Union dogma which seeks to limit the rights of its citizens to bear arms, using as an excuse the wave of Islamic terrorist attacks from the last couple of years. So, the EU’s policy to flood Europe with Islamic militants resulted in terrorist attacks and criminality and now the same EU bureaucracy wants to take people’s rights to defend themselves while deploying the army into the streets and enforcing a Big Brother regime all over the union. For further reference, read my last article which explains why the war on terror is a fraud.

The EU’s executive arm, the unelected bureaucracy that is the European Commission (they’re called commissars, just like in the former USSR) agreed to impose stricter gun  rules on EU citizens last year in December, even if Poland, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg voted against.

The new bill  recognizes Czech citizens rights to use their privately owned firearms in order to defend the security of the homeland, as it states:

“This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attacks … active attackers or other violent hybrid threats,”

The bill is now moving to the upper chamber of the Parliament and finally it will have to be signed by the President into law, which is highly probable. Stay tuned.