European Populists Cheer Trump’s Victory As The Beginning of a New World Order

Dawn of New Era?

ENF congress, Koblenz, 21.01.2017

Motto: In order to create, one must first destroy. The phrase “New World Order” is very popular among certain folks, yet Donald Trump’s victory in the US election is perceived by many as a New World Order rising, or, why  not, as the beginning of the end for the “Old” world-order.

The old world order can be described as globalism on steroids and the end of national states/national sovereignty along with the disappearance of state borders. Or at least that’s the globalist ideal.

Trump’s election marks a turning point for America, which is the world’s only super-power and until recently, one of the biggest promoters of globalization. One world, once currency…you know the drill,right? One ring to rule them all, and that would be world government.

However, Donald Trump’s inaugural speech is the exact opposite of globalism, as he said repeatedly “America First”, with an emphasis on  “American people’s interest vs foreigners”, as there’s no such thing as a “global” citizenship. That’s self evident.

European populists are also celebrating Donald Trump’s victory , especially in Germany, Holland and France,feeling that America’s new administration signals a wind of change which will soon reach the Old Continent.

France’s Marine Le Pen, which runs for the Presidency this year and she’s perceived as an anti establishment candidate vowed to liberate France from the prison of Europe, referring to the European Union’s centralized government which is starting to resemble the old USSR.

Geert Wilders is the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (also runs for Minister President/Prime Minister this year), a guy who uses the same politically incorrect and biting language of President Trump and he echoed Donald’s populist discourse during a rally in Koblenz Germany, as Angela Merkel held a meeting in Baden-Wuerttemberg where she tried to “hold ranks” so to speak.

A couple hundred folks rallied in Koblenz’s conference center on Saturday, where Le Pen, Wilders,  and Matteo Solvini (the leader of the Northern League of Italy, an anti-immigrant organization) delivered speeches in which they congratulated Trump’s rise to power so to speak while asking for their countries to become free again as sovereign nations, to control their own borders and enforce their own policies.

In Wilder’s immortal words:

“We live in historical times — the people of the West are awakening.They want their freedom back, they want their sovereign nations back, and we, the patriots of Europe, will be their instrument of liberation.”


Source: Bloomberg


Photographer: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg