European Union Parliament to Censor Own Members Free Speech in Orwellian Move

A new procedural rule was recently introduced in the EU Parliament which looks like a copy-paste job from Orwell’s dystopic 1984 novel. According to the new procedure, the chair of a debate will now be able to censor at a flick of the switch (as in interrupt) the live broadcasting if a speaking member of the European Parliament engages in, let me quote: racist, defamatory or xenophobic language or behavior.

Moreover, the President of the EU parliament can even decide to throw down the memory hole (another Orwellian term) those “taboo” parts of the censored speech from the audio-visual records, the xenophobic/racist/defamatory language that is, i.e. to delete them for ever.

There’s a small problem with all this censorship frenzy. Nobody bothered to define what exactly constitutes racist, defamatory or xenophobic language or behavior.

Keep in mind that the members of the EU Parliament were elected into office as opposed to the bureaucrats from the EU Commission who make these totalitarian rules against free speech.

And, as elected officials, EU Parliament members are basically the voices of their own constituency which must be heard inside the EU institutions, that’s the whole point of representative democracy after all.

The European Court of Human Rights brags that free speech is at the center of its practice, especially when it comes to free speech of elected politicians, yet this new rule will have a chilling effect on free speech as it makes for a convenient and discretionary tool in trying to shut up especially those “rogue” EU parliamentarians who are not following the multikulti-politically correct dogma which is at the heart of the current EU narrative.

Just to understand what I am talking about, the EU Parliament decided recently to lift Marine LePen’s immunity at the exact moment she is running for office in the French presidential elections.

Le Pen is basically punished for her free speech retroactively, as back in 2015 she published graphic pictures of crimes committed by ISIS, warning about what’s coming into Europe if the EU continues to permit entrance for millions of unvetted immigrants from war-zones like Syria or Libya.

ISIS themselves bragged about injecting jihadis into the EU among the so-called refugees, and that was proven to be the case with the recent wave of terrorist attacks in France, Germany and Belgium claimed by the Islamic State. Le Pen was proven right, hence she must be punished for hate speech, because the truth has a certain ring to it and the plebes must understand that the truth is what “they” say it is.

Getting back to our story, no one defined what actually racist, defamatory or xenophobic means, and this omission will allow for any debate in the EU Parliament to be culled/censored by the chair in the absence of any measurable/objective criteria and without any guidelines to speak of.

There’s even a penalty for offenders, that can reach up to 9000 euros. It seems that in the European Union, politically correct discourse is now mandatory not only for the mainstream corporate media, but for elected MEPs too, which are to be censored/cut off literally if they cross the politically correct line, which seems to be the new religion of the 21st century Europe. Reality be damned.


AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert