Even CNN Mocks Hillary Now:The Russians cloaked Wisconsin so couldn’t find on map’

hillary clinton

After yesterday’s pathetic show, Hillary Clinton is now mocked even by the “very fake news” TV network who was called by many Clinton News Network. I mean, the writing is on the wall Hillary, let it go, retire, it was fun while it lasted and let’s hope The Donald will give you a pardon for all your treacheries. Ranting aside, after Hillary Clinton’s blame tour (sponsored as per her own words by Goldman Sachs), a CNN panel went on to openly mock her failures on live TV.

The thing is, her wild conspiracy theories were so far-out of this world, not even Clinton News Network were able to take her seriously anymore. Let’s enumerate some of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election: it was the FBI and Comey, but there were also those pesky Russians, 1000 Russian agents, fake news from Macedonia, the assumption that she was going to win regardless and so on and so forth.

Now even CNN decided that was enough. And during a round-table on Thursday, a CNN panel hosted by a guy I’ve never heard of (presumably because I don’t watch the lobotomy box often and never CNN) named John King decided enough is enough and dismissed “low energy” Hillary Clinton’s pathetic excuses by saying an epic line, hinting at her failure (for medical reasons most probably) to campaign Wisconsin among other battleground states swept by The Donald:

“You don’t understand: The Russians cloaked Wisconsin.

“So she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there,”

The thing is, instead of taking the high road and becoming an elder statesman for Democrats, Hillary Clinton is evolving into a self-loathing political hack. And, it has been an utter delight to watch her downfall.